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Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney at Law
Mr. Nebeker was charged and convicted of DUI himself. He knows what you are currently going through, and can get you through your DUI.

Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker: Experienced In DUI
Defense In Nevada And Utah

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that there’s no recourse after receiving a DUI charge. However, it would only take them a single consult with the right DUI defense attorney to realize that there are numerous ways to combat a DUI charge in Utah and Nevada—even if they had in fact been drinking before they were stopped, and even if they tested above the legal limit.

Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker specializes in DUI defense, and is licensed to practice in both Utah and Nevada. He is set apart from the rest by his level of experience, dedication, skill, and perhaps most of all, by the fact that he is the only attorney in Nevada who has been designated as a Lawyer Scientist by the National Chemical Society. What does this mean for you, as his client? This designation signifies Attorney Nebeker’s superior knowledge with regard to the science behind the chemical testing that is done by the police in order to convict individuals of DUI. By understanding the science behind these tests, Attorney Nebeker can easily point to their weaknesses and flaws, identify when a test result should be deemed invalid or when a test should be deemed unreliable, and craft stronger defenses than any other DUI defense attorney in Nevada. This ability can prove critical when the prosecutor’s case relies solely or primarily on the results of these tests. No one wants to wind up with an attorney who lacks confidence in this very important area of defense to DUI charges, and with the right attorney in Utah or Nevada, no one has to.

In addition to defenses that revolve around the validity and reliability of chemical tests used by the police, there are many defenses to DUI charges in Nevada and Utah, including but not limited to the following:

  • Did the arresting officer have Reasonable Suspicion to conduct a traffic stop or initiate a detention under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. This usually involves criminal activity like a traffic infraction or an equipment violation.
  • Did the officer have justification to continue the detention and expand the scope of the investigation to DUI or Drug detection. Typically the officer will indicate that he observed the odor of alcohol or some other drug indicator.
  • Did the officer conduct properly the search or the DUI investigation. This usually involves the administration and interpretation of the Standard Field Sobriety Tests.
  • Did the officer have sufficient justification (probable cause) to make an arrest. In order to arrest someone the officer must have a warrant or sufficient probable cause justifying an arrest.
  • Did the officer, after arrest, take the appropriate steps to identify, and preserve any evidence that was obtained. Any drugs or blood samples must be properly labeled and stored in a secure place until analysis can be performed.

These are just some of the preliminary issues that can arise in a DUI or Criminal investigation, attorney Nebeker has experience asserting all of the above-mentioned defenses, and many more. Regardless of the circumstances of your charge, one of the first things Attorney Nebeker will do once he takes your case is launch an investigation, locate and collect evidence, and begin building a defense on your behalf.

Facing a non-DUI-related criminal charge in Utah or Nevada? Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker handles those too. Don’t hesitate to contact him today for a consult.

You Are Not Doomed Fight Your Nevada DUI

You Are Not Doomed Fight
Your Nevada DUI

Attorneys Once Arrested for DUI Himself Reveals Useful Info to Fight Your Case

Fight Your Nevada Criminal Charges

Fight Your Nevada Criminal

Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker: Experienced In Lyft And
Uber-related Accidents And Personal Injury Cases In
Nevada And Utah

In The Media

O2 KuTvSuccessful Dismissal Of A DUI Case
Involving False Witness

Injuries and accidents can occur anywhere at any time; some are unavoidable and no one’s fault, while others happen only as the result of someone’s mistake or negligence. Personal injury claims can arise from any number of scenarios—perhaps you slipped and fell in a grocery store, injured yourself while using a public pool, sustained a dog bite while at the park, or were injured while using a defective product. However, one of the most common scenarios from which personal injury claims arise is car accidents on the road. Attorney Matthew L. Nebeker is equipped to handle a wide range of personal injury cases in Nevada and Utah, and has special skills in representing those who have been involved in accidents with the popular ridesharing services Uber and Lyft. While these services offer a quick, easy, and reliable way to get around town, the increased presence of Uber and Lyft drivers in Nevada and Utah has led to an increase in the number of accidents involving their drivers.

If you’ve been involved in an Uber or Lyft-related accident, you probably have many questions, such as what your first step should be, who will be held responsible, how you should go about proving your case, and how much compensation you’re entitled to receive. These are difficult questions to answer without the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in Uber and Lyft accident cases in Nevada and Utah. As soon as you obtain the services of Attorney Nebeker, he will launch an investigation of the accident and begin collecting evidence that will be necessary in order to obtain the compensation you deserve. This evidence might include medical records regarding the injury, dash cam video footage, and witness statements. Once liability for the accident has been determined, Attorney Nebeker will locate the sources of insurance which could pay for the injuries and costs associated with your claim, which is a process that is generally a lot more difficult than it sounds, and involves a great deal of communication with insurance agents whose job it is to avoid paying you at all costs. Rather than stress yourself with the aftermath of an Uber or Lyft-related accident in Nevada and Utah, obtain the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney who will fight for you every step of the way and get you back to the life you’ve built in Nevada and Utah.

Why Matthew L. Nebeker!

Matthew L. Nebeker is a top-rated DUI Lawyer who concentrates on Drunk Driving, DUI & DLD Defense. Mr. Nebeker dedicates himself and his law practice to aggressively defending those accused of driving under the influence. Mr. Nebeker is the only attorney in Nevada that has been designated as a Lawyer Scientist by the National Chemical Society. (Gives him an advantage in understanding blood tests and drug analysis) He is licensed in Nevada, and Utah.

Mr. Nebeker is a US Army combat veteran. Helped liberate Kuwait during the gulf war. Is particularly accustomed to helping clients who reside out of state and it would be difficult for them to return for repeated court hearings. Mr. Nebeker can “appear” in court for the client so the client does not have to return for court. Is accustomed to working with those individuals who have professional licenses (nurses, teachers, realtors) that could be in jeopardy due to a DUI\Criminal conviction. Over a decade of DUI\Criminal defense experience.

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